Independent report on consultation responses published

An independent report looking at responses to the Your Care in the Best Place consultation has been published today (May 22 2018).

The report, produced by specialist consultation analysts, The Campaign Company, provides a breakdown of responses to proposals aimed at strengthening and improving health and care services in the community and in the three hospitals serving mid and south Essex.

The analysis indicates there is broad agreement with the overall principles described in the consultation which were:

The majority of hospital care will remain local and each hospital will continue to have a 24-hour A&E department that receives ambulances

Certain more specialist services which need a hospital stay should be concentrated in one place, where this would improve your care and chances of making a good recovery

Access to specialist emergency services, such as stroke care, should be via your local (or nearest) A&E, where you would be treated and, if needed, transferred to a specialist team, which may be in a different hospital

Planned operations should, where possible, be separated from patients who are coming into hospital in an emergency

Some hospital services should be provided closer to you, at home or in a local health centre. The specific proposal within the consultation concentrated on moving services currently provided from the Orsett Hospital site into centres closer to where people live, enabling the closure of Orsett Hospital

However in line with the conversations had during both pre-consultation engagement and the consultation process itself, the analysis identifies some local differences, particularly around the proposals relating to the future of Orsett Hospital from those living in the Thurrock CCG area and less general agreement with the proposals from those living in the Southend CCG area.

The analysis report has also shown key themes of concern particularly in the areas of: 

  • Transport and accessibility of services
  • Shortages in workforce to deliver a sustainable service
  • Financial constraint

Following an extensive pre-consultation engagement period over two years, the Your Care In the Best Place consultation took place between 30 November 2017 and 23 March 2018.

The 16-week consultation saw 16 large scale public meetings with almost 700 people attending in total, and over 40 deliberative workshops and specific events for people who were most likely to be affected by the proposals.

A further 750 people took part in an independently commissioned telephone survey conducted with a demographically-balanced section of the population across Mid and South Essex.

A separate questionnaire was also made available following feedback to focus specifically on the issues relating to Thurrock residents which was completed by 276 people.

In total it is estimated that more than 4,000 people took the opportunity to participate.

Professor Mike Bewick, independent chair of the joint committee of the five clinical commissioning groups in mid and south Essex, said:

It is clear from the volume and the quality of the responses we received that people across mid and south Essex gave the issues very serious thought. I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in the process.

“It demonstrates that people care a great deal about their health and care services and that is a great endorsement of the NHS care they receive and a compliment to the staff on the front line delivering services every day.

“The primary aim of consultation is not to undertake a referendum but to gain better understanding of any potential impact proposed changes may have. The outcome of the public consultation is an important factor in decision making which needs to be fully taken into account.  It is, however, one of a number of important factors for which will be considered.”

The Joint Committee of the five clinical commissioning groups will review the findings of the outcome report as part of its decision making process in the summer, alongside evidence and reports which review clinical, financial and practical considerations, including the findings a further review of the proposals by the East of England Clinical Senate.

Implementation of any changes agreed could then begin in the autumn of 2018 and would take place over a number of years to ensure any new models of care were introduced safely and effectively.

The full independent report into the Your Care in the Best Place consultation responses can be read online on the Mid and South Essex STP website

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